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It is just not the same old marketing world you used to live in...

The word “marketing” today is more confusing than ever. It used to be that most people heard the word “marketing” and they translated that into tactical efforts typically known as advertising. Today, the word marketing transcends not only the tactical efforts of advertising, but also social media campaigns, email marketing, webinars and video.

The real challenges today are ignored by most smaller companies. That is because these are the most difficult tasks and there is no easy way to do them. Of course, we are referring to marketing’s strategic challenges. It is not enough to post a tweet, update a Facebook post, respond to a question in Linked In, or create a video and post it to YouTube. These are all tactical tasks. The harder part is why do any of these things? What is the reason for expending the time, money and energy? What do you hope to gain from these tactics? What will be your return on this investment? How will you track your results? When is the optimum time, place and day to respond? What should be the “tone” of your response.

If you are looking for help in negotiating these difficult waters, you have come to the right place. Our consultants can help you navigate these difficult waters in even more difficult times where every dollar spent has to produce a return. We simply cannot afford to spend the money if we do not get an adequate return.

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